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Cluster Installation in Minutes howto

Installing and setting up a DNIF cluster is extremely easy, the installer gets your operating system ready and tuned, installing all the required pre-requisites. The setup wizard guides you through the initial steps, finally onboarding your components are you are ready to go.

Alignment with MITRE ATT&CK© productfeature

The MITRE ATT&CK© framework is a result of continuous research on threats and threat actors, it also is a great place to get a complete view of the threat landscape. This view can also be used to measure the coverage provided by the SIEM in detecting threats. DNIF aligns well with the framework and maps it's detection capability to each technique.

Threat Hunting with Connected Signals feature

The security operations is designed to individually identify and respond to alerts, however every alert is usually a part of a larger campaign. Because a traditional SIEM looks at alerts in an isolated capacity, it expects the analyst to uncover the larger threat campaign. DNIF is designed to use advanced models to identify threat neighbours and automatically connect the individual signals into one large picture.

Cluster Administration made Easy product

A traditional SIEM is complex, with several hundred moving parts which makes it a nightmare to manage. DNIF looks at administrators differntly, it visualizes scenarios early and is able to recover from avoidable conditions without pain. It reduces the load on the administrator by half, leaving meaningful time for operations.