Speed at Scale
Cyber security changes color every week, in this rapidly changing environment you want to invest in a platform that will have the foresight to stand with you through these battles. DNIF is built ground up as a platform that can integrate and or develop pointed detection tech on the data stack.
Fastest Big Data Analytics Engine

Fastest in the lot - think fractions

For a big data analytics engine, speed is everything. DNIF wants to keep speed of data retrieval and processing at the top of the list of design initiatives as a result we beat our competition every single time, irrespective of the type of query or function used.

  • Fire queries long periods without worrying about the load on engines or time it will take to execute
  • Open up new dimension of investigations just because you have speed on your side
  • Look back in the past and correlate in real-time
Horizontal Scaling Replace RDBMS

Horizontal scaling, equals growth unlimited

Replacing RDBMS based systems built over the last decade has resulted in a drag in operations. Therefore investing in a big data platform that will scale in features and functionality for at least the next decade makes complete sense. DNIF offers a strong contender that scales seamlessly and has an open framework that allows the community to participate in building newer functionality.

  • Scale your capacity from gigabytes to terabytes just by adding incremental compute and storage to the cluster
  • Integrated system that includes all the components in a single image is available for environments that would want to start smaller
  • Auto scale without having to worry about managing data nodes or the cluster itself, DNIF automagically does what it needs to keep it all together
Saclable Architecture cluster environments

Seamless - grow with your business

Add more resources and grow with your environment rather than rip and replace existing infrastructure with upgraded compute DNIF can let you add more compute to the cluster making it more capable of delivering performance.

  • DNIF has controllers that automatically balance clusters when their configuration is modified
  • These controllers are also able to recover from multiple failures that impact cluster performance and availability

Featured / Challenges

  • Effective hunting platform for a threat hunter, respond to complex queries in seconds, unlike a traditional SIEM that takes frustrating minutes at its best.
  • Cut down on detection lag, when you can get instant results, why wait for threats to house in before you react.
  • Build your own data lake with DNIF, the platform can then be used to plugin your plumbing tech to do stuff you want to.