Next Gen SIEM = Security Analytics + UEBA + SOAR

An all-in-one platform that unifies data collection, machine learning and analytics for next gen threat detection and response.

next gen siem security

Powerful visualization that lets you see the complete picture and make better decisions.

More Optimized Than The Competition

DNIF is a modern security analytics platform that unifies end-to-end data ingestion, threat analysis and response. It’s built on a scalable big data architecture and uses data science for machine learning, behavioral analysis and advanced analytics.

Threat Intelligence That Matters

With threat intelligence feeds directly integrated into your next-gen SIEM platform, you always have the most up-to-date threat intelligence, so you can quickly detect and mitigate emerging attacks. With more than 50 external threat intelligence plugins, DNIF offers you new security capabilities at no additional cost.

Do you really need a next gen SIEM? How can it improve your security posture?

DNIF vs Traditional SIEM

Scalable Architecture

Faced with handling a tsunami of log data and given scarcity of talent in the security sphere, traditional SIEM platforms are becoming more expensive. New features are provisioned as add-ons to existing platforms, which is not a robust solution to fight the torrent of alerts. Instead, it leaves organizations open to risks involving complex, unpredictable threats. As a next-gen SIEM platform, DNIF offers unlimited, scalable log data collection and threat detection using behavioral analysis and ML-driven analytics. Its built-in automated workflows ensure a seamless and consistent response to security incidents.

More Value On A Tight Budget

All of DNIF’s features are built right into its architecture, eliminating the hassle of installing and managing add-ons. Along with UEBA, SOAR and advanced analytics, DNIF’s open architecture offers you a library of ready-to-use actions and the ability to build your own, all without being a burden on your budget. While slab-based pricing hurts growing customers with overage fees and penalties, our subscription model gives you room to grow without breaking the bank.

Are you still struggling with over-priced SIEM and understaffed SOC?

DNIF delivers a wide range of enterprise security solutions in a single platform that helps you stay compliant and improves your security posture.

Security Analytics

Leverage the power of machine learning and scenario based playbooks for for actionable and predictive insights.

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Security Automation

Enrich, validate and resolve alerts faster through automated, unified workflows and real-time investigation on a single console.

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Log Management

Connect the dots faster across your devices, applications, infrastructure and cloud.

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Overcome your problems with traditional SIEM as our customers did

“DNIF’s Big Data architecture has greatly helped us in gaining visibility at the application level. Integrating SWIFT with DNIF ensured that we were able to meet RBI’s compliance requirements.”

Vinay Tiwari , CISO


“DNIF is re-inventing the SIEM space with its innovative approach of a single unified platform with unlimited scalability that combines advanced analytics, machine learning, threat intelligence and orchestration.”

Sangram Gayal , Partner


“We liked the way DNIF goes beyond traditional tools and validates threats before bringing them to the table. The integration framework is unique and very useful in a large enterprise setup like ours.”

Nitin Chauhan , CTO


“DNIF brings out the real essence of big data to security analytics, this platform can ensure branch offices process their data on prem while having a central hunting / monitoring team respond and resolve threats across the enterprise."

Prashant Maldikar , Head IT Sec


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