Solutions / Security Orchestration, Automation and Response

DNIF integrates with detection and response products across the enterprise to automate the investigation, response and mitigation process to a large extent. DNIF connects these products with a common API backplane that let's you build scenario based playbooks and reduce the possibiility of "handlers oversight" during investigation.

Reduced response times

Cut down response times

Reduce dwell times with automated detection and investigation. Leverage playbooks that execute in the blink of an eye.

investigate intelligently with soar

Investigate intelligently

Identify known threats at blazing speeds using automation while your team focuses on mission-critical tasks.

simplify security with soar

Simplify security operations

Streamline your security operations and set up standard operating procedures with intuitive automation tools.

soar orchestration

Orchestrate across security tools

Orchestrate process, people and technology initiatives from a single security dashboard.

improved security productivity

Improve productivity

Automate repetitive tasks and allow your team to focus its efforts on making tactical decisions.

smarter security with soar

Work smarter, not harder

Organize communication across people and technologies with integrated collaboration tools.

What if you could send block signals from your SIEM to your firewall based on threat severity?

Key Features / SOAR with DNIF

scalable architecture

Easily scale and orchestrate your defenses with an adaptive architecture

Bringing new data into your data systems can be challenging. Concerns about capacity, response time and cost get in the way of growth. DNIF's flexible, open architecture helps you scale without fear and orchestrate your defenses across technology stacks with versatile APIs.

Automate and organize your investigation and response with dynamic playbooks

Automate low-level tasks and empower teams to focus on productive problem-solving. With hundreds of automated workflows and playbook scenarios, incident response becomes effortless.

soar security playbooks
soar platform with machine learning

Use profilers for machine learning and time-based aggregations

ML models empower security teams to detect threats based on heuristic and behavioral analysis. Identify outliers and trends across devices and users to gain insight into your security and business objectives.

Identify outliers based on trend profiles

Augment situational awareness across environments with adaptive baselines based on behavioral profiles, device profiles and user-defined time policies.

outlier detection
soar security automation playbooks

Use out-of-the-box security automation playbooks that mature over time

You can address infinite use cases using playbooks — but teams often seek to implement complex playbooks that need time to mature. DNIF provides a stack of “utility playbooks” that are easy to build on and tweak further based on the environmental risks you encounter. There is no “one size fits all” approach when it comes to playbooks.

Wondering how you could implement automation framework in your SIEM?

Security Automation / What Our Customers Say

“DNIF’s Big Data architecture has greatly helped us in gaining visibility at the application level. Integrating SWIFT with DNIF ensured that we were able to meet RBI’s compliance requirements.”

Vinay Tiwari , CISO


“DNIF is re-inventing the SIEM space with its innovative approach of a single unified platform with unlimited scalability that combines advanced analytics, machine learning, threat intelligence and orchestration.”

Sangram Gayal , Partner


“We liked the way DNIF goes beyond traditional tools and validates threats before bringing them to the table. The integration framework is unique and very useful in a large enterprise setup like ours.”

Nitin Chauhan , CTO


“DNIF brings out the real essence of big data to security analytics, this platform can ensure branch offices process their data on prem while having a central hunting / monitoring team respond and resolve threats across the enterprise."

Prashant Maldikar , Head IT Sec


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