Solutions / Overview

DNIF has evolved into a powerful machine-data analytics platform that is only limited by your imagination. The opportunities are endless and the benefits are profound.


DNIF offers a comprehensive solution based on a Big Data platform that offers an end-to-end capability of processing unstructured log data, identify patterns using high speed analytics and detect complex threats.

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Threat Intelligence

The ability to quickly generate insights from huge data sets, enables DNIF to slice and dice your data to identify and assess the impact of newer threats with relative ease and with faster TTR.

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Application Log Analytics

Applications are significantly more prone to attacks compared to infrastructure components. DNIF being based on Big Data platform is a very efficient option to run analytics on Application Logs.

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Use Cases Beyond Security

As opposed to point analytics solutions, DNIF has the capability to process different types of datasets. This gives users the capability to use DNIF for use-cases beyond the domain of Security.

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