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Reduce Your Security Budget with SOAR

Cyber security is a world of continuous change. Organisations need to battle attacks constantly and being on the defensive end of the battle comes with a lot of responsibilities. Effective threat hunting, tops this list. Businesses have been adopting Security Orchestration and Automation (SOAR) for a while now. The most alarming reasons for their decision were revealed in our previous posts. However, we saved the best for the last.

The security budget needs a second thought

Budget- a word which worries every organisation, big or small. Every investment boils down to one question, ‘Is it going to be worth every penny?’

When a SIEM enters an organisation, a bunch of limitations come along. Right from creating false positives, inadequate representation of data, scaling issues, the list can continue to integration challenges and much more. The inability to connect threat intel across platforms is a major drawback with SIEM systems.

Big Data Analytics (BDA) on the other hand not only solves the above mentioned challenges, but also introduces more benefits into your environment. To make the job easier for security teams so that they could focus more on pressing issues, a match of BDA + SOAR is a good investment. It saves time, efforts and empowers security team to handle next generation attacks.

Proven benefits of Big Data Analytics:

  • Unlimited scaling
  • Unlimited speed
  • Ingest unstructured data seamlessly
  • Data enrichment
  • Anomaly detection
  • Security orchestration and automation

Proven benefits of SOAR:

  • Zero human error
  • Reduces response time by 60%
  • Integration of existing tools and processes into a repeatable, automatable workflow
  • Easy elimination of high-confidence false positive alerts
  • Accurate decision making

Investment in SOAR definitely pays over time. Since you have initiated reading an article on SOAR and now that you are completely aware of its benefits, why not try it? If you have already invested in a SIEM, there is absolutely no need to worry about replacing it. You can involve an automation solution to your existing process and automate specific tasks to start with. Gradually, various processes can be orchestrated from your SOAR platform to experience more benefits.

If you still have questions which sound like, ‘Why spend now?’ We would like to leave you with this: Security Automation and orchestration in any process driven business is the next step towards evolution. Are you ready to evolve?

Better together : SOAR with DNIF

Organisations are now adopting SOAR as an optimal response strategy for the next-gen attacks. Integrating your existing SIEM with SOAR can be a daunting task. SOAR technology benefits immensely when used in conjunction with a centralized security orchestration platform that works with your entire security stack. DNIF is a SOAR integrated platform coupled with Big Data Analytics, which offers SOAR capabilities for FREE! With DNIF, you get the best of both worlds, BDA and SOAR.

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