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Alert Investigation Made Easy With SOAR

Over the years, the number of ways in which a cybercriminal can infiltrate an organisation has dramatically increased. Back then, very few options were available to sneak into an organisation’s network. Today, there are a number of platforms such as cloud operations, mobile devices, file sharing platforms, IoT devices and many more that provide innumerable ways to compromise the network security. This has led to a pool of alerts being generated everyday.

Businesses with too many alerts and a handful of analysts need to adopt a mechanism which empowers them to automatically respond to security alerts. Organisations that have embraced Security Orchestration and Automation (SOAR) are now enjoying its benefits of enhanced speed, ease of operation and zero human error.

Security automation as the words suggest, automatically handles a task thereby eliminating the need of human intervention. Orchestration on the other hand, acts like a glue between various security applications and processes.

Increasing alerts roar for SOAR

Considering the amount of alerts received and the volume of output generated from current security tools, it’s definite that SOC analysts are experiencing serious alert fatigue.The task of constantly evaluating this pile of alerts gets repetitive and mind-numbing after a while. Sorting through this heap, analysts may miss out on a few alerts, unintentionally leaving a door open for potential threats. Another contributing reason for missing intrusions is teams failing to have a fresh mind on identifying threats and prioritizing response.

A major amount of time is spent on classifying the alerts rather than actually investigating them.

SOAR is the best guide for analysts stuck in the maze of alerts. It enriches the events to prevent false positive alerts from lowering the sensitivity bar. It also allows analysts to have a dedicated time of their day to focus solely on investigating and responding to events. It’s no question that, response time immensely contributes to effective cyber security. Today, more security teams are automating their processes to get the speed they need for business. Gone are the days when speed was the need of the hour, now it is certainly the need of the minute.

Introducing SOAR capabilities into a business is the beginning of creating happier and productive teams. DNIF presents an article exclusively to explain the umpteen benefits of security orchestration and automation paired with the proven strategies that businesses adopt for optimal threat hunting. Watch out for more indicators to invest in SOAR in our forthcoming blogs.

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