Essential Things to Consider While Buying a SIEM

A Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) platform is one of the most critical weapons an organisation can have in its cyber defense arsenal. However, selecting the right SIEM that best suits one's organisation is difficult, as every organisation has different environment, associated risks and varied levels of expertise to man the SIEM. As there is no "one size fits all" approach, this makes it difficult for organisations to evaluate SIEMs.
Armed with just a few set of requirements and some basic security objectives to start with, organisations can start evaluating a SIEM and get a brief idea as to how the platform might resonate with the requirements and future security objectives.
In this guide we help you evaluate SIEM platforms from both, a business and technical perspectives, so that it brings to the table opinions of both, actual security teams who will be using it and infosec executives who will oversee and align business interests with security operations.

Key Talking Points:

  • Most important questions to ask when evaluating SIEM capabilities and what to listen for.
  • Need for next gen SIEMs.
  • Making SIEMs work for both security teams and executives.

How You'll Benefit:

  • Keys to effective security operations.
  • Overcome most common pitfalls when it comes to SIEM deployment.
  • Reduced capital and operational costs via tool consolidation.
  • Pinpoint the most critical gaps in your security program.
  • Actionable insights on overcoming challenges with team collaboration and productivty.
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DNIF is a first of its kind next gen SIEM with advanced security analytics and response automation, that lets you detect threats 30x faster than competition.


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“DNIF is re-inventing the SIEM space with its innovative approach of a singl unified platform with unlimited scalability that combines advanced analytics, machine learning, threat intelligence and orchestration.”

Sangram Gayal , Partner


“We are thrilled to partner with DNIF to create an unmatched product that allows enterprises to seamlessly visualise and respond to sophisticated and evolving threats. We are sure that with this collaboration, security teams will feel more empowered and prepared to tackle targeted attacks and advanced threats, with Kaspersky’s vast global experience and resource centres.“

Shrenik Bhayani , General Manager - South Asia

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Essential Things to Consider While Buying a SIEM Solution