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Security Data Lake: The Next Step In SIEM Evolution

This whitepaper talks us on how your next gen SIEM can evolve into a security data lake to solve the challenges faced by traditional SIEMs.

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Three Phases of SOAR

This factsheet talks us through the various phases of Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) framework in a cybersecurity pipeline.

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Five Effective SIEM Use Cases

To let you go beyond the generic use cases, we’ve compiled a list of popular SIEM use cases that cuts across to most crucial threats.

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Five Most Effective Security Automation Playbooks

If you’ve been a security engineer for more than a few years, no doubt you’ve heard about "Security Automation Playbooks", this ebook talks about just that.

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Top Four Outlier Detection Use Cases

We’ve compiled a list of popular use cases that cuts across to crucial outliers which needs attention.

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Five Essential UEBA Use Cases

In this ebook, we introduce you to the concept of UEBA and also share some interesting use cases that you can implement and start with.

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What is SOAR & Why You Need It

This article talks about what SOAR means and how it can help you deliver more in less time with security orchestration and automation.

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Data Enrichment with Threat Intelligence

This ebook talks us through various strategies to harness the power of threat intelligence for faster detection of threats and known IOCs.

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Why you need a Next Gen SIEM

This ebook explores next-generation Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) platforms, the challenges they solve and the impact they can have on your cyber security strategies.

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Threat Hunting Maturity Model

Get your hands on this well-crafted ebook that guides you through all the levels in Hunting Maturity Model(HMM) and helps reduce the pains commonly associated with developing a hunting program.

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Essential Things To Consider When Buying A SIEM

Whether you want to buy an SIEM for compliance or threat management, here some key points to remember when evaulating a SIEM from both the perspectives.

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