August 28, 2019 / by J Burks / In release-notes /

Release Note — v8.4.1

While we continue to build new features, squash bugs, and plan new releases in order to improve your DNIF experience, here’s a summary of what has changed since our last release…

What’s New

Dual RAW Log Forwarding

You can now forward raw log data received at DNIF Adapter to two destinations. This makes it easy for teams within the organisation to leverage the same data for their custom requirements.

Parsed Log Forwarding

You can now forward parsed log data received at DNIF Adapter to two Datastore instances.

Multi-Tenancy Made Easier

In case of multi-tenant deployments - you now have separate storage indices for separate scopes. This now enables SOC teams to manage multiple DNIF deployments with ease.


  • For Case management:
    • You can now filter neighbours(modules) within a specified time range by applying a time duration filter.
    • Dedicated indexes to store Module data within Case management.
    • You can now share your comments for individual cases and up / down vote the same.
  • Each new event parsed within DNIF will now be enriched with two new additional fields/columns:
    • AdapterIP: The IP Address of the DNIF Adapter through which the log was ingested.
    • AdapterDkey: The unique identifier associated with the DNIF Adapter through which the log was ingested.
  • Aggregated Event Per Second (EPS) count across all the DNIF Adapters can now be seen within the DNIF Console.

  • You can now execute historical reports for custom date range.

  • In case a date range is selected from the “Date Selector” - then the time duration specified in the query with the $Duration does not take precedence.


  • The _field directive now sentences in string function.


If you have ideas or suggestions on how to make our platform even better, please join our DNIF community and send us your ideas to: [email protected]