November 30, 2018 / by Siddhant Mishra / In release-notes /

Release Note — v7.9.0

In this blog, we reveal a comprehensive list of enhancements and bug fixes which are available with the latest release v7.9.0

  • Users should be able to delete data indices with set interval in config for older/closed indices, this feature facilitates the process of creating additional disk space by deletion of data indices which are not required anymore.

  • Users should be able to personalize “from” part of email sent by configuring the field named set alert_name in the file named, smtp.yaml.

  • The Usage page in the DNIF web console now has a separate section for downloading data. With download options available for time intervals - Today, Total(From 1st day of month), for last 7 days, for last 30 days.

  • A Profile can now be added from Packages and from Search page as well. Profiles can now be integrated as a part of package.

  • User should be able to create profiles without creating a package first and later can integrate existing profiles into a package if they choose to for collaboration purposes.

  • User can now be able to trigger queries and save its resultant dataset in a module.