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Release Note — v7.3.0

A comprehensive list of various enhancements and bug fixes are mentioned below:

  • Users can now provide add enrichment to the data coming from a particular device during device addition itself.

  • Users can create a new scope for the existing system(DS/A10) and create a multi tenant environment with few additional steps.

  • A plugin framework has been created which facilitates integration with third party threat intel providers, a list of available third party integrations available can be found here.

  • IP information has been added along with metrics information.

  • A new user role called as Admin has been introduced which enables one to create users for the assigned scopes, Admin can also create scope which in turn makes the system multi tenant.

  • By default a new store was created for each file upload action. Now, multiple files can be uploaded within a single store.

  • There is a new section visible in the header section of the Web Console, called Nodes. The count and colour displayed within this section shall depict the number of connected systems in a cluster and its corresponding health in ‘Red’, ‘Yellow’ and ‘Green’.

  • While loading any page in the “Web Console”, apart from the loading animation, a text message shall also be displayed.

Bug Fixes
  • In event store, when a user selected the option: “read from file “, the fields within the file list were not rendering properly.

  • The issue related to executing context queries in a widget from multiple scopes has been fixed.