September 02, 2017 / by jburks / In release-notes /

Release Note — v6.9.0

  • Message to identify the process has been completed - When the docker is running successfully a message is displayed that the service is up and running.

  • Reports now accept parameters - Reports can now accept parameters not more than two, to filter the data in the report.

  • Visual improvements in reports - The look and feel of the report has been improved.

  • Admin action logging - Audit trail of events in DNIF is now available for devices, workbooks, reports etc to keep track of the changes from different users. This audit trail data is available in the store named dnifevents.

  • Syslog enabled in docker - By default the docker doesn’t create syslog files. syslog is now enabled and is stored in its default path.

  • SMTP is now configured via yaml file - SMTP can now be configured via yaml file.

  • Easystore 1.3.8 released - Easystore or Eventstore is now more robust for simultaneous updating of hash keys.

Bug fixes
  • Removed empty pages from report - Empty pages used to occur in case of large report which is now removed.