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Release Note — v6.8.0

  • Message to identify the process has been completed - When the docker is running successfully a message is displayed that the service is up and running.

  • Unnecessary logging in the terminal is removed - The docker used to display the stdout messages of the child process which is now stopped.

  • _fetch directive is rewritten to include various features - The fetch module has been rewritten to include various features for querying the database with optimizations .

  • Ability to use comparators in _fetch - _fetch will now have the ability to use operators like <, >,>= and <= while querying the data .

  • Change path of elasticsearch config - The location of config file for elasticsearch has been moved to docker storage for greater usability and configuration of database.

  • Import various types of large files and analyze - The system has a new feature where we can import files like xls,xlsx,csv and json into the system as store. It will have all capabilities of searching as of the native stores like events, modules etc. One can upload upto 100 MB of file or place large files at the docker storage location UPLOADS. There is also an option to get notified via email when the store gets ready. We can also manage the stores via UI.

  • Disabled auto db creation - Creation of db on the fly has been disabled in order to prevent inconsistencies in the system and search functionality.

  • Updation of fields is now frequent - Updation of existing fields in the database were updated once every day, now reduced to 15 minutes to provide better lookup of fields.

Bug fixes
  • Disable overwritting of configs and file on docker restart - At each docker restart the configuration were used to reset, to retain the content of important files it s now disabled.

  • Correction of the division operation while calculating metrics - Corrected Integer division or modulo by zero for heap and cache.

  • Change path of geo related files in directives - Some of the directive had the old path where the geo files were used to exists now changed to docker storage.