March 12, 2019 / by Siddhant Mishra / In release-notes /

What's New in DNIF Analytics Console

We’re excited to give you a peek into the changes in your DNIF Analytics Console and why we made them. So let’s get started.

Firstly, let’s talk about the features that are visible and accessible to all users within the DNIF Analytics Console, this means Admin Users(AU) for a particular deployment SCOPE and non-admin users, both.

  • Never miss those critical issues that might occur during day-to-day operations with Ticker text. These messages can be seen at the top of your screens when you are logged into the DNIF Web Console as shown below:

    Ticker notification

    This text shall simply mention critical errors and messages encountered within a particular SCOPE.

  • Change the color contrast of your WIDGETS with the new “Theme” option:

    Change color theme of charts for better contrast
  • Monitor data usage trends for the last quarter (90 days) within the USAGE view itself :

  • Better visualisation of your data! You can now compare changes in particular fields over time by using Line and Area charts. For example - the hourly traffic volume encountered on you Web Application Firewall (WAF):

    line chart
    area chart
  • No need to create already existing entities from scratch! Simply Cone it! Users can simply clone entities like TEMPLATES, REPORTS, MODULES and WIDGET from other packages directly into the PACKAGE they have access to, as shown below:

    Entities can now be cloned into separate package
  • Monitor all entities and find out who edited what and when! Users can now see the edit history (where $Action=EDIT) for all entities within dnifevents index, as shown below:

    Edit history of entities
  • Within a DASHBOARD view, there might be widgets that work with the data from different SCOPE, for users that don’t have access to these deployment SCOPE widgets shall render as follows:

    No access to scope message on widgets
  • You can now control the rate at which triggered events are populated within the INBOX view with the SYNC toggle button:

    Sync button on Inbox view

Exclusive Feature for Admin Users:

  • Additional option named, INDICES is now available within the MANAGEMENT menu. This will help you monitor data indexes for your DNIF setup.

    Indices option within Management

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