Pricing / Plans

Free Tier

Best place to get started if you are exploring

$ 0 /month


Monthly Data Volume

Free Forever

Product Features

  • All-in-One (A10) Platform
  • Soft Appliance / Container
  • Unlimited Users
  • Unrestricted Search
  • Unlimited Workbooks
  • Integrated Modules, Templates
  • Access to Content Library
  • Standard Rules, Connectors
  • Incident Workflow
  • Orchestration Framework

Support Features

  • Community Support
  • Access to DNIF Help Center
  • Access to HowTO Library
  • Invitation to Product Webinar


Same product, same features with community support

$ 84 /month


Monthly Data Volume


Includes everything in the Free Tier, plus:

Product Features

  • Distributed Deployment - Access to Adapter (AD), Datastore (DS), Correlator (CR)
  • Multi-Location Deployment
  • Consolidated User Interface Across Deployments
  • Clustering Options for the Datastore (DS)


Fanatic support for highly scaled enterprise infrastructures

$ 509 /month


Monthly Data Volume


Includes everything in the Standard Plan plus:

Support Features

  • Online Case Management
  • Telephonic Support
  • 1 BD Response Time
  • 24x7 Coverage
  • Engagement Manager
  • Yearly Training Programs

Pricing / Calculator

First 100GB / month 0 (Free Tier) $ 1.666 per GB $ 2.916 per GB
Next 1TB / month $ 0.833 per GB $ 1.666 per GB $ 2.666 per GB
Next 3TB / month $ 0.633 per GB $ 1.25 per GB $ 1.666 per GB
Next 6TB / month $ 0.483 per GB $ 0.95 per GB $ 1.25 per GB
More than 10.1TB / month Contact Sales
Pricing Calculator
200 GB

Monthly Data Volume

$ 84 /mo

$ 0.42 per GB


Pricing / FAQ

How do you calculate Monthly Usage Volume?

DNIF calculates the Monthly Usage based on the actual volume of logs processed by the system during the month.

What is the 100GB free tier?

We offer our customers DNIF absolutely free for Monthly Volume of 100GB. This will be available only for the community support plan, customers wanting standard and enterprise support options have to pay a nominal amount so that we can support you directly.

Is the 100GB plan free for ever?

Yes. You can use DNIF within the 100GB per month limits absolutely free, forever.

Is the pricing flat at all Volumes?

The DNIF pricing starts at a minimum usage of 200GB. The price per GB reduces as you increase the volume. There are however different pricing plans depending on the type of support which you wish to subscribe.

Can I monitor my monthly usage?

Yes. You can monitor your data usage very easily on the DNIF console. You can get complete breakups on a daywise or a device wise volume generated.

Is there any additional license needed to use DNIF?

No. There are no other charges/restrctions for using DNIF based on number of devices, users, features etc. All functionalities availble in DNIF are available as a part of the base product.

What happens when I exceed the 100GB per month limit?

When you are using DNIF at the 100GB Free Tier, you have 2 options - either you can choose to stop indexing at 100GB which means that DNIF will not index new data sent to the system in the given month or you can subscribe to one of the 3 support plans and we will charge you on a monthly basis based on the volume of logs processed by the system.

How is it different from Daily Index or EPS?

Daily Index means the peak per day log volume processed in the given month. However you may not be running at this peak levels throughout the month which leaves a large amount of unused capacity. Similarly EPS does peak calculation at a per second level which means that you need to size the solution based on the peak requirements. DNIF on the other hand offers a true pay-per-use model by charging you based on the actual volume of logs processed by the system. This turns out to be more cost effective compared to EPS or Daily Index.