Management / Administration

You don't need a dedicated SIEM admin anymore, better TCO

DNIF centralized management console enables effective administrative control and reduce admin overheads.

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Centralized Management Console

Manage entire deployment on a centralized control center. Reduce platform management overheads to a minimum.

Monitor key metrics across the data ingestion, processing and analytics pipeline to identify potential bottlenecks

Collect vital telemetry stats across components in the central console for efficient troubleshooting of issues

Predict potential issues arising out of bursts in event traffic to enable auto-healing of the platform

Run diagnostic tests on remote components to quickly identify root causes in case of issues

Workload Management

Workload Management

Control systems within the application ensure that the application is not compromised due to external variations.

Isolate query workload for different categories across CPU threads to ensure non-disruptive monitoring and achieve response prioritization

Evaluate query load on the datalake to ensure optimal workload on the infrastructure

Extensive job management capabilities to monitor ongoing and scheduled jobs on the datalake

Allocate compute resources to searching, analytics and machine learning at runtime


Data Lifecycle Management

Retain exactly what you need with granular controls on retention policies.

Streams framework to group events across devices for efficient storage and query

Manage data retention across streams to ensure you retain what is absolutely needed and archive everything else

Set compression levels based on streams to ensure balance between performance and storage costs

Manage data across online, nearline and archive tiers to ensure compliance and reduced TCO


User Management

Comprehensive user management feature for managing different types of users on the solution

Integrations with third party authentication systems such as AD, LDAP etc.

Support for multi-factor authentication

Create and define users and granular roles with the end-to-end RBAC capabilities


Leverage DNIF Support and Professional Services

Comprehensive documentation available on the DNIF Support portal to guide users on deployment, administration, integration, analytics and troubleshooting

Join the DNIF community to leverage peers. Contribute and gain from the community contributions

Direct and partner driven support for enterprise customers with 24x7 support plans covering product updates, patches and content upgrades

DNIF professional services or authorized service providers for managed upgrades / migrations

Leverage DNIF Support and PS