Integrate any log source, any format, without configuration

Cut host onboarding times to a third. Onboard all log types, understand formats, and add context without a sweat.

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Native connectors for any type of integration you might need

Start collecting data without any configuration needs. Just point your logs, no device setup, no parser selection... it's that easy.

Ready integrations for wide category of log sources, COTS technologies, custom applications and cloud services

Support for various network protocols such as syslog (over TCP and UDP), SNMP, WMI, SCP, FTP, Netflows

Use agent based / agent less integration mechanisms and support for third party log forwarding tools

API connector framework allows users to integrate with any cloud SaaS

Native Connectors
Parsing and Enrichment

Comprehensive parsing

Readily available parsers for widely used technologies with an ability to create customized parsers for all kinds of user specific applications.

Open log parsing framework with reference parsers for most widely used technologies

Parser customization workflows to create, edit and test parsers according to specific needs

Automatic parsing for JSON objects and key value pair log types without any coding efforts

Simple YAML file based field mapping to the DDM framework to associate application outcomes to existing threat models

Parsing and Enrichment

Data Enrichment

Data enrichment gives context to the events and significantly reduces time to action. Build custom policies to retain and query the data you want.

Real time data contextualization using native enrichment feature

Full support for wide variety of enrichments such as Machine Readable Threat Intelligence (MRTI), GeoFeeds and lookups

Support for any external source such as Active Directory, HRMS, CMDB Systems, Vulnerability Platforms

Support for various sources such as STIX/TAXII, API based, CSV files

Out of the box parsers
Ready Integrations

Out-of-box Parsers

Out-of-the-box support for more than 350 log sources, OT/IOT devices and cloud services

Auto identification of log sources using the DNIF log matching algorithm. Just forward logs and DNIF takes care of the rest

DNIF Parser and Plugin Support Policy provides future protection for customers by providing reference parsers for unsupported COTS technologies

Leverage the power of DNIF community in working with a wide spectrum of technologies