Architecture / Scalability

Deploy your cluster anywhere and scale without bounds

Optimized to run on commodity hardware, DNIF offers flexible architecture options with lowest infrastructure TCO

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Go Live in 10 minutes

Wide support for all types of underlying infrastructure technologies and deployment options gives you complete control on tailoring the architecture to suit your needs.

DNIF ships as docker container images meaning deployment happens like a breeze

Supports any Linux OS (RedHat, Ubuntu, CentOS etc) and virtualization technologies

Supports easy deployment on bare metal, virtual or cloud based instances

Automate complex deployments with configuration management templates

Go live in 10 minutes

Do MORE, with LESS

Massive performance means you can pull in any amount of data... DNIF makes it easy, limitless and cost effective.

Build and scale the setup on the go with horizontal scaling

Achieve massive performance with 100K+ EPS on a standard processing node

Store LOT MORE data on the same disk footprint with massive data compression and deduplication benefits

Cloud Support

Born in the Cloud

Designed for full integration with public cloud offerings, DNIF runs in the cloud like fish takes to water.

Efficient deployment on cloud with ready to use images for faster deployments

Leverage cloud native services like storage for high performance and archival log storage

Drive actions using cloud APIs for a fully integrated detection and remediation solution

Simplify event ingestion from cloud infrastructures (AWS, Azure, GCP etc), SAAS Applications (O365, GSuite, Salesforce etc.)

Born in the Cloud
Designed for the MSSP

Designed for the MSSP

Deploy multiple customers on centralized MSSP setups with multi-tenancy in every design aspect.

Host customer setups as different "scopes" with segregated storage and retention periods

Provide granular scope based access to analysts and end users. Users can search only what they are authorized to

Efficient threat intelligence sharing and content collaboration

Ready-to-use reference architectures for setting up a cost efficient on premise or cloud shared based SIEM platform