Out-of-the-box Content

Prescriptive threat content with push updates, better TCO

Stop trying build detection content, we will share the burden with you. All detection content will be pushed as threats break.

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Basic Security Monitoring

Out-of-the-box use cases, reports, reporting templates to provide an all encompassing cover for all your basic monitoring requirements.

Ready to use packages on the DNIF repository for wide variety of device types for basic monitoring

Ready to use widgets, dashboards and reports for basic operational monitoring

Create role based user dashboards for different types of monitoring requirements

Out-of-the-box reporting templates for various compliance requirements such as ISO27001, PCI-DSS, HIPAA


Advanced Threat Detection and MITRE Mapping

Threat detection coverage keeping in mind the MITRE ATT&CK Framework. DNIF provides adequate detection capabilities to your security posture.

Out-of-the-box rules across all TTPs on the MITRE framework to ensure threat detection

Evaluate detection coverage on the MITRE framework to identify potential blindspots in detection

Map MITRE TTPs to log sources to evaluate if all relevant sources are integrated

Focus on industry specific APT groups by ensuring complete coverage on the MITRE TTPs


Solutions for UEBA, NBAD

DNIF solutions enable detection of anomalous human and network behavior using behavior analytics and machine learning models.

User behaviour analytics using pre-packaged Machine Learning models across multiple behavioral attributes

Leverage contextual enrichment with datapoints gathered from HRMS, CMDB Systems, vulnerability management platforms

Assign risk profiles to users based on anomalous behavior by comparing historical, peer group behavior

Leverage network traffic events to identify anomalous network behavior

Solutions for UEBA NBAD