A HyperScale SIEM that focuses on detecting threats while being cost efficient

All of everything you need at the core of security operations.

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Architecture / Scalability

A HyperScale SIEM that is easy to work with

Flexible deployment architectures tailored to suit your requirements

N-Tier Distributed Architecture

A cloud delivered SIEM with unlimited horizontal / vertical scalability to accommodate petabytes of event streams and redundancy across sites. Sustain high peaks in events without any delays.

Easy Integration Process

Easy integration process with no human intervention. Multi-tenant connector for customers connecting to multiple clouds. Get SDK, API for two-way integration with IT tools for issue management and other IT automation tools.

Extreme Scalability

Seamless and unlimited scale up or down depending on your requirements i.e. in a single box, distributed or in a scaled-out deployment.

Flexible Deployment Options

Seamless deployment on physical, virtual or cloud infrastructure (on-prem / off-prem and extensive hybrid deployments for cloud / managed service providers). Granular control over retention of data/archival across organizations.

Cloud Integration

Cloud monitoring comes out-of-the-box

Making the cloud look like a seamless extension of the enterprise security infrastructure

SIEM-as-a-Cloud service

Utilize your hardware better, expand and accommodate growth according to demands with almost no overhead and virtually no downtime. Boost your performance by load balancing on the way. Eliminate the complexity and time spent on architecting a security solution.

Out-of-the-box Detection Capability

Get pre-built use cases which are mapped directly to the MITRE ATT&CK framework. Benefit of the open DNIF Data Model to map application outcomes to existing threat models.

Automated Cloud Deployment

Azure, AWS, GCP, popular SaaS solutions such as GSuite, O365..Sounds familiar? Get automated configuration management scripts for bare metal, virtual or cloud deployments. Get cloud grade security on your premise along with extensive hybrid deployment support for cloud / managed services providers.

Cloud Integrations

Auto integrate and ingest events from various cloud applications using API framework and native connectors. Bidirectional integration between the cloud and the SIEM with Native response, remediation integrations for Azure, AWS and GCP.

Operations / Support

Keep the platform going with zero effort

An easy to use platform and a prompt support to make your operations seamless

One Screen for All Your Actions

Manage everything on a single screen - analytics content, rules, machine learning models, resolving issues, customizations and visualizations. Define and manage automated responses via playbooks / workflow integrations. Out of the box validation / response / remediation playbooks for known threat types.

24x7 Product Support for Customers

Support available are various levels of personalization. From 24x7 support to community support. A growing knowledge base covering operations, troubleshooting is maintained across versions along with continuous upgrades for content, patches, fixes.

Extended Monitoring and Admin Console

Ability to centrally configure, manage and monitor each component remotely along with error reporting through the web console for distributed cloud deployments. Integrated system telemetry to monitor every parameter for components across the cluster.

Nonstop SIEM Without A Sweat

Extremely low management/admin overhead for long term operations. No need for substantial administrator resources for management because of Auto healing technologies in the platform.

Data Lifecycle Management

Nitro boost your compute, save costly dollars

High scalability and performance provides better return on investment and space for more

Acquire Events from Multiple Sources

Data from various sources written to and read from the log stream in a specific format. STREAMS enable you to build custom policies, retain valuable data and query the relevant data.

Enrichment with Threat Intelligence

Out-of-the-box integration with popular IoT/OT platforms. Inbuilt integration with GeoDB providers, threat intelligence providers, Microsoft Active Directory, HRMS and CMDB applications.

Increased Data Compression

Offer granular compression to minimize storage at the stream level. Provide several compression options : General mode for upto 95% compression, Maximal mode for upto 98.4% compression.

Search, Storage and Security

Ability to store raw, parsed (meta), enriched and annotated events while making them available for threat detection. Comprehensive text / regular expression based search capabilities across data types and raw log events.

Analytics / Machine Learning

NextGen capability to prevent nextgen threats

Use a combination of simple and complex models to detect outliers across data types

High Accuracy Detection

Ability to measure accuracy of threat detection models based on feedback from analyst by using threat risk score and confidence. Get more accuracy based on good correlation events and rules which will enable Investigation of more complex and sophisticated attacks.

Comprehensive Analytics Framework

Open analytics bench where customers can understand the logic behind the models. Open analytics downloadable off the shelf models, allows customization, fine tuning or refactoring for different use cases. Offer closed analytics to focus on certain threat types. Ability to customize existing models to create new ones.

Auto Detect Multiple Threats with ML

Ability to detect threats parallely in scheduled jobs and in streaming (real-time). Get benefit of advanced process prioritization and management capability.

Uncover APTs using Connected Signals

Able to understand patterns and auto discover linked cases/artifacts across collected escalated signals. Provide context around a case for accelerated resolution and improved security posture. Significantly reduces the effort required by analysts to check and investigate all alerts.

Incident Handling

Integrated tools for handling threats

The right workflow for handling incidents spanning across time and geographies

Resolve Faster using Auto Triage

Auto triage using machine learning to assign the right cases to analysts with the right skillset (endpoint cases to endpoint experts)

Crossfunctional User Experience

Quickly open cases directly from operating / monitoring UI or during threat hunting.

Two Way Response Integrations

Integrations with enterprise help desk systems (ITSM) interacting with business units outside security. Ability to drill down on alerts / integrate with forensic and threat hunting capabilities. Rapid contextual reactions like opening a case and launching an investigation.

Incident Management

Different RBAC levels for cases requiring different clearance levels. Cases should have the ability to change status (preconfigured and custom) support notes, annotations and assign to other handlers. All steps performed to be logged, must be admissible in court. Attributes such as nonrepudiation, integrity of each event and integrity of sequence of events.

Detection Capability

Continuously updating threat detection content

You don't need security engineers to write or customize detection content any more

Content Packaging

Get extensive and well organized content in packages containing collectors, parsers for datasources, complete use cases, compliance packages, rules and models for analytics. Predefined content packs available for first time users.

Easy Content Management

Get framework for accessing, updating and managing your content. Minimized operational cost of access, modification and deployment.

Your Own App Store

Central app store kind of marketplace for content, integrations, playbooks, and more

Threat Hunting

Hunt cyber threats with your bare hands

Let DNIF do the thinking for you. Connect dots and build the picture - automagically

Prioritize Your Threat Landscape

Threat hunting console to investigate signals and cases. Ability to use machine learning to connect multiple signals together. Available mapping with the kill chain / MITRE ATT&CK framework


User intuitive visualizations to uncover patterns using Pivot from results by using click based (UI) workflow. Ability to open a case at any point of the hunt and use for forensic or threat hunting.

Investigation and Response

Highly capable search features, with predefined taxonomy and free flowing search queries to investigate an incident. Ability to search through multiple datastores. Quick response to search requests across large datasets.