Oracle iPlanet

Oracle iPlanet Web Server (OiWS) is a web server designed for medium and large business applications. Oracle iPlanet Web Server builds on the earlier Sun Java System Web Server, Sun ONE Web Server, iPlanet Web Server, and Netscape Enterprise Server products.

Integration of Oracle iPlanet Webserver logs integration on CentOS-RHEL with DNIF Adapter

To forward Oracle iPlanet Webserver logs to the DNIF Adapter make the following configuration.

Install syslog package, if you haven’t installed it

yum -y install rsyslog

Checking the rsyslog.conf

Open a rsyslog.conf file located at /etc/rsyslog.conf by following command

vim /etc/rsyslog.conf

At the end of the file check for the following line and uncomment

$IncludeConfig /etc/rsyslog.d/*.conf

# Include all config files in /etc/rsyslog.d/
$IncludeConfig /etc/rsyslog.d/*.conf

Save and Quit the configuration file.

Create log configuration for Oracle iPlanet webserver with vim /etc/rsyslog.d/ora-iplanet.conf and paste following lines below

$ModLoad imfile

# Oracle iPlanet webserver access log file:
$InputFileName /admin-server/logs/access.*       ### path of access log file
$InputFileTag ora-iplanet-access:
$InputFileStateFile stat-ora-iplanet-access
$InputFileSeverity info
$InputFileFacility local2
$InputFilePersistStateInterval 20000

#Oracle iPlanet webserver server log file:
$InputFileName /admin-server/logs/server.*        ### path of server log file
$InputFileTag ora-iplanet-server:
$InputFileStateFile stat-ora-iplanet-server
$InputFileSeverity erroro
$InputFileFacility local2
$InputFilePersistStateInterval 20000

local2.*       @DNIF-Adapter-IP:514

Save and Quit the configuration file.

Restart rsyslog service

service rsyslog restart

Oracle iPlanet Webserver logs are now being streamed to the DNIF-ADAPTER.