Bridge the gap between security and IT operations

DNIF combined with Freshdesk allows security teams to focus solely on the incidents which must be addressed immediately. It also allows users to share deeper insights into the issues, from the incident itself down to the raw logs on the systems involved.

Create security incidents and respond faster

Respond faster and collaborate with teams across your organization.

Why integrate DNIF with Freshdesk

Using DNIF, users can create powerful correlation rules, capable of evaluating hundreds of events across multiple log sources, in case of an incident or events that requires intervention from IT operations or infrastructure teams. Users can directly create a ticket in Freshdesk ITSM tool from the DNIF console itself with relevant contextual information, without switching multiple screens that often results in hours being wasted in collecting relevant information for the ticket. A great example of this would be sharing a list of external IP addresses flagged as malicious by various threat intel feeds to the networking team, so that they can include them in the blocklist or another example can be reporting device outages.

Key Benefits

Freshdesk is an award-winning cloud-hosted help desk solution. It is designed to meet the demands of both small businesses and large companies. The solution also includes standard features, such as, help desk ticketing, knowledge base, and community platform. Once set up, Freshdesk turns your support emails into tickets that you can track for rapid and accurate responses. DNIF’s integration with Freshdesk provides following benefits:

  • Automatically generate tickets for incidents encountered.
  • Share the complete threat storyline with teams that need to act upon this information.
  • Create custom email templates as per encountered threat types, example: malware, brute force and so on.
  • Improve your incident response SLAs by automating the process, starting from threat detection to sharing the relevant details with incident response teams.

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