Recovering from system crash

There may be instances when a system crashes due some software or hardware failure. To mitigate such risks, and as a part of Business Continuity Process, the following steps can be followed to bring back your DNIF platform up and running on a new system:

Recovering from system crash includes:

  • Looking for logs
  • Backing up data from the faulty system
  • Deploying a fresh copy of DNIF and Docker
  • Restoring the backup data on a new system

Looking for logs:

If you encounter a system crash due to a software failure and can manage to log into your system, follow the steps below to locate the log files and identify the issue:

  • Host Machine Logs: on the host machine, logs can be viewed on the /var/log/ path.

  • Docker Container Logs:
  • DNIF Service Logs:
    • Log into the docker container(path to login document)
    • DNIF service logs get stored at /dnif/<Deployment-Key>/log/ path.

In case of a hardware failure, please contact your organization’s data recovery team for further assistance.

Backing up data from faulty system:

This step is only feasible if the HDD or set of HDDs from the host machine server are readable.

This backup has to be done in two parts:

  1. Configuration Backup
  2. Data Backup

Deploying a fresh copy of DNIF and Docker:

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In order to deploy and get started with DNIF, please refer our help guide, Installing DNIF.

Restoring Old or Backup data to new system:

For restoring data and configurations, please refer our help guides in the order of their listing below:

  1. Restoring Data
  2. Restoring Configuration