Create and view packages


A package is a collection of related reports, modules, templates, workbooks and widgets. Conceptually, it is similar to folders on a computer and can be shared with other users within the deployment scope or on DNIF Cloud.


The main idea behind the concept of packages was to help users and teams overcome the following challenges:

  • Duplication of functional components was a manual effort.
  • Inability to share the already developed components with other users.
  • Collaborative development was a hindrance.
  • For teams working across the scopes, sharing or collaborative development was not possible.

With packages we were able to overcome these challenges and in turn have created a workflow for teams to collaborate with relevant ease using the sync feature. More on collaboration.

Steps to create and view packages


Open the REPOSITORY view

All the existing packages within the deployment scope can be seen within the REPOSITORY view.

View all the PACKAGES within the REPOSITORY VIEW

2. Click the + icon.

Create PACKAGES by clicking on Plus icon
Fields to be filled up before creating a PACKAGE

3. Provide a Name for the package. This helps to identify the package. 4. Provide a Description that summarizes the intent and purpose of the package. 5. (Optional) Provide relevant Tags or keywords to categorize the package as per the requirement. 6. Provide a thumbnail Image for the package. This helps to identify that particular package within the REPOSITORY view. 7. Determine the Visibility of the package on the DNIF CLOUD (Central Repository). [More on package sharing and visibility]. 8. (Optional) Share option allows you to share your package with other users within the deployment scope or on DNIF CLOUD (Central Repository). See [package sharing], in this manual. 9. (Optional) With Admins, you can allow Admin access to specific users in order to create, edit and delete components within the package.

When all the fields are filled up

Note- Package details cannot be modified by any other user, except its creator.

10. Click SAVE to save your package.

click on SAVE to save your PACKAGE

Share Packages

Any package created within a scope is visible to all its users.

Package owners reserve the exclusive rights to Share access with any other user within the scope, which shall empower them to download and modify its components.

Visibility Chart:

Visibility General User Shared User Admin
Can View Yes Yes Yes
Can Download No Yes Yes
Can Edit No Yes Yes
Can Sync No No Yes

Package owners and Admins can sync their packages on DNIF CLOUD(Central Repository), to enable inter scope collaboration and sharing.

In order to upload and sync packages for users with Admin rights, click the sync icon.

Note- Please wait for the synchronisation process to complete.

Sync PACKAGES on DNIF CLOUD to enable collaboration

Once the synchronization is complete, the required package gets uploaded on DNIF CLOUD and overwrites changes if any.

Packages on DNIF CLOUD can be viewed by selecting DNIF CLOUD via the toggle button.

Use Toggle button to switch from local to cloud REPOSITORY view


The concept of packages was primarily introduced to save time and efforts of analysts in recreating same workbooks, templates, reports, etc in different scopes for similar use cases. Package creation and sharing can now be a collaborative effort between teams across scopes.