Create and view notif group


A notification group or notif group is a feature that enables you to map email addresses to a group. It is similar to contact groups in GMAIL.

notif group can be used with directives like _raise, _trigger, etc to notify required stakeholders about relevant events by using its corresponding group-slug-name (group-slug-name is the name of the email group defined by the user). More on using notif group can be found in our help document: Using _raise directive.


_raise notify_group trainer
>> _trigger report waf_pack daily_status_report notify_group web_admin

Here, trainer and web_admin are slug names for notif group.

Note- It is a best practice to use notif group slug name in workbook queries to send alert/reports to defined user groups. Whenever a need arises to add or remove an email address from the group, it can be done by editing the notif group.

Steps to create a notif group

Step 1: Login to DNIF console,

Step 2: Navigate to MANAGEMENT > NOTIF GROUP.

Click on NOTIF GROUP within MANAGEMENT menu

Step 3: Click the + icon to create/add a group.

Click on Plus icon

Step 4: Enter the name of the notification group in Group name field. Click +Add button..

Enter the name of the notification group

Step 5: Enter Name and Email addresses in the respective fields.

Enter the email address and name of the respective contacts within the notif group

Step 6: Click the +Add button to add more users to the group. Additional input fields box opens and repeat the above process. Click the trash bin icon to remove email addresses.

Click on trash icon to delete a user within notif group

Step 7: Click Save and you will be redirected to the NOTIF GROUP LIST page where all the notification groups can be seen.

Click the trash bin icon against the respective list to DELETE a group and post confirmation, the list will be deleted.

Click on DELETE button to delete a notif group
Send notification emails to a group
Newly created Notif group as shown within NOTIF GROUP LIST