Changing Data Retention Policy

By default, the retention policy to make data available in the DNIF web console is set to 45 days. This duration is called retention, which defines the time for which the information shall be maintained or “retained” online, irrespective of the format.

Any data that is older than that prescribed in the retention period will be available offline, but won’t be visible or available for query within the web console.


Steps to change Retention Policy

  • Login to your Data Store or A10 container. Read more on how to Login to the docker container.

  • The retention policy configuration is defined under **/dnif//csltuconfig/system** on **Data Store** and **A10** image.

    $vim /dnif/<Your-Deployment-Key>/csltuconfig/system


    {"system": {"localip": "", "shardcount": 1,
    "systemid": "AV5W2ACxxxxxxxxxxe_Z",
    "ScopeList": ["AV5W2ACxxxxxxxxxxe_X"], "retention": 45}}

    In the above output, “retention”: 45 indicates the number of live data retention period in days.

  • Set required retention value for “retention”: key.

    {"system": {"localip": "", "shardcount": 1,
    "systemid": "AV5W2ACxxxxxxxxxxe_Z",
    "ScopeList": ["AV5W2ACxxxxxxxxxxe_X"], "retention": 50}}

Note: Increasing retention value will require additional storage space on disk to keep live-data.

The changes shall be effective from midnight onwards, once the files have been saved.