Sign Up and Choose Your Plan

This article talks about the first step in installing DNIF - signing-up and selecting your plan. DNIF offers four different plans. The first plan (Free Tier) is a Free Forever option in which 100GB of monthly data volume is free.

To sign up with the Free Forever option:

  1. On the Sign Up page, complete the fields under the sections explained below:
    • Account Details: Enter the contact details of the concerned stakeholder.
    • Setup Details: Enter a scope name of your choice (assign a name to your DNIF instance) and select a preferred duration for log retention.
  2. Click SIGNUP. The account activation link is sent to the email ID mentioned in the Account Details section.
  3. From the DNIF - Account Activation email in your inbox, click Activate Account. You will be redirected to a page that lets you configure your deployment.
  4. On this page, you can:
    • Select a new plans
    • Configure the monthly indexing limits (Quota Configuration).
    • Sign up for the newsletter.
    • Allow DNIF to contact you via email.
  5. After you have entered all the details, click ACCEPT.
  6. An email, with the subject DNIF: Getting Started, is sent to your email ID. This email includes the deployment details and installation keys.

NOTE: For a paid subscription, you’ll need to fill up the payment details , in addition to the sections mentioned above.

You can watch a video for this process below:

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