Signing-in to DNIF

The Web Console is where you’re able to access, search, process, and analyze your data in real-time.

This page will guide you through your first sign-in to the Web Console.

Check Authsecret

Once you’ve completed your sign-up process, you’ll receive your AuthSecret on your registered email address. Your AuthSecret should look something like this - ‘2AWE90YAWEH4ABMP’ (sample).

Setting up the One Time Password (OTP)

  • To set up OTP on an Apple iPhone, visit the Apple App Store and install ‘Google Authenticator’ app
Google Authenticator Plugin
  • Open the app, tap the ‘+’ icon on the top right, tap ‘manual entry’, and enter ‘DNIF’ in the ‘Account’ field. Paste the AuthSecret in the ‘Key’ field. Ensure that you are using a time-based OTP before you finish
Manual Entry
  • You should see a 6 digit OTP under the ‘DNIF’ label

Note - This OTP expires every 30 seconds and can be used for authentication only before it expires.

Setting up OTP on Google Chrome Browser

  • Visit the Web Store for the Chrome browser, search for ‘Authenticator’, and install the extension shown below
Authenticator Plugin Screenshot
  • Now Click on the ‘Authenticator’ icon on the extensions bar
Authenticator Icon
  • Click on the pencil icon on the top right, then Click on the ‘+’ sign to register a new OTP AuthSecret

  • Choose ‘Manual Entry’, use ‘DNIF’ as the ‘Account Name’, enter your AuthSecret in the ‘Secret’ field, pick ‘Time Based’, and Click ‘OK’

You should see a 6 Digit OTP under the ‘DNIF’ label.

Note - The OTP expires every 30 seconds and must be used to authenticate before the OTP expires.

Visit the web console

Signing in

  • Enter the registered email ID and Click ‘GO’

  • Next, enter your password and the current 6-digit OTP code flashing on your authenticator app, and hit ‘Login’

If all goes well, you should see the search page.

You can also checkout the video shared below for a quick walkthrough of the Sign In process.