Connecting to Your Datastore

DNIF offers flexibility in deployment. The design of the storage and access layers maintains the advantages of on-premise installation while supplementing ease of access too. Unlike other platforms, DNIF does not require a dedicated rendering engine and its console can be accessed from any where using a simple web browser.

Accessing the Datastore

In order to fetch data from the datastore and bring it to the web, the console requires direct access from the analyst’s workstation to the datastore over HTTPS. The workstation then directly communicates with the datastore and retrieves results over an SSL encrypted tunnel.

Datastore overview

The above diagram shows an example of a complex configuration where data hunters or security analysts are centrally located and can access any number of datastores over an HTTPS tunnel. However, the hunters could also be local to the datastore and could access data directly over the local network.

Access Options

Here are some of the most common options for accessing data from the datastore:

  • Expose the datastore to a public IP and access it over the Internet (Not Recommended)

  • Access the datastore over a private network or a Local Area Network (LAN)

  • Access the datastore over a Virtual Private Network (VPN)

NOTE - IP of the datastore, w.r.t the workstation in use, must be recorded and configured in the web console.