Adding Devices to DNIF

To add a device in DNIF, follow these instructions:

  1. Login to DNIF console
  2. Click on MANAGEMENT » Devices
  3. Click on the ‘+’ button on the top right corner of the screen

You can now see the ‘Device Details’ page on the screen

On the ‘Device Details’ page

  1. Select the scope
  2. Enter the device name in the ‘Name’ field
  3. Select the layers you want to add - use Geo to pull geographic details and Intel for threat intelligence-related enrichment. You can also select both
  4. Select the IP addressing scheme to STATIC
  5. Enter the IP address in the ‘IP address’ field
  6. Click ‘Next’

On the ‘Log Type’ page

  1. Select ‘Manually Add Log Types’
  2. Click ‘Next’

On the ‘Add Log Type’ page

  1. Click on the ‘+’ button to add Log Type
  2. Select the ‘Log Type’ and the ‘Log Name’. For example, if you are integrating a Windows Server, select Log Type as OS and Log Name as WINDOWS
  3. Click ‘Next’

On the ‘Other Details’ page

  1. Select the ‘Timezone’ for your device. For example, if your device is in India, select your timezone as ‘Asia/Kolkata’
  2. Enter the device owner’s email id for ‘Primary Owner’
  3. Select an ‘Infrastructure’ tag (if applicable)
  4. Select a ‘Compliance’ tag (if applicable)
  5. Enter the ‘Weightage’
  6. Select ‘No’ for ‘Agentless’
  7. Click ‘Next’

On the ‘Review’ page

  1. Check if the entered details are correct
  2. Click on ‘Save’ to add the device