The System data model provided below aligns with the most commonly used devices and their log formats. Read more about how to use the DNIF Data Model

$SubSystem $Action Description
SYSTEM PRCSS_ADDED A new process or thread was added to the execution pool
SYSTEM PRCSS_RMVD A scenario where a process or thread was removed from the execution state
SYSTEM PORT_OPEN Open ports on a device
SYSTEM PORT_RMVD Release/Remove a particular Port on a system
SYSTEM APP_START Depicts successful startup of an application
SYSTEM SYS_SHTDN_ERR Error encountered during the system shutdown operation
SYSTEM APP_FAILED Depicts a scenario where an application has seized its operations
SYSTEM LOG_ROTD Automatic rotation and removal of log files
SYSTEM LIC_EXPIRED Depicts a scenario of License expiration for a service
SYSTEM REBOOT_ERR Error encountered during a reboot operation
SYSTEM CMPNT_ALERT Alerts generated from modular components within a device
SYSTEM STARTUP Applications that run automatically after the system has booted up
SYSTEM SHUTDOWN A system shutdown activity detected
SYSTEM CONNECT_FAIL Failure in connectivity
SYSTEM STARTUP System starup
SYSTEM SFT_UNINSTALD Software uninstallation detected
SYSTEM SFT_INSTALD Software installation detected