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It's been over a decade now and our engineering team continues to constantly evolve and innovate at DNIF, so that we always keep your security teams armed with latest threat hunting tactics. We share with you the latest product releases and end of support timelines.


In this release, we reveal some exciting features and enhancements for DNIF that will greatly improve your productivity when it comes to managing your DNIF deployment and IT infra...

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Sep 18

DNIF was born

July 16

DNIF Support Timelines

DNIF Class Versions End Of Life End of Support
VK 7.8.3 Jun 2019 Mar 2020
KM 7.12.X Jun 2019 Dec 2019
KM 8.1.X Jul 2019 Mar 2020
KM 8.4.X Oct 2019 Jun 2020
Product updates for versions highlighted in red above have been deprecated. For versions below 7.8.2, product support and updates have been deprecated. In case you have a older version of DNIF, request you to kindly contact DNIF support to help you update/upgrade without data loss.

Previous Versions

DNIF Class Versions End Of Life End of Support
KM 7.8.X Feb 2019 Aug 2019
KM 7.9.X Mar 2019 Sep 2019

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