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About DNIF

What we're about.

We’re constantly innovating in the ever evolving cyber security sapce to tackle cyber security and operational challenges: big data and real-time analysis. We’re focused on building the best security analytics platform with awesome user experience, so our customers can stay focused on what they do best.


Let's grow together

We're passionate about life-long learning and want our team members to stay engaged. To foster this mindset, we provide some awesome opportunities along the way to expand your perspectives and to learn more about the skills you're already passionate about.

Solving meaningful problems

Solving Meaningful Problems

No matter which team you’re in, feel free to have a say from first day itself and help us solve interesting and meaningful challenges in the realm of cyber security and beyond.

Join us

Join Us

Whether it's a party to celebrate a client onboarding or an interesting discussion during lunch, there's a lot more to work than 'work' at Netmonastery.