Security Data Lake: The Next Step In SIEM Evolution
As the ever growing volumes of diverse data are still channeled into a SIEM, it is bound to store vital and often highly sensitive business data. SIEMs have become a primary data ingestion and storage hub for organizations, as when it comes to security no devices or applications can be left out of security monitoring.
SIEM architectures have been evolving for a over a decade now and this gives rise to some critical questions - what if your next gen siem acts as a security data lake, that can collect data(structured or unstructured) from different sources and let's you control, govern, secure and provision data, and its flow, in and out of security data lake from a single view? Read the whitepaper to know more on how your next gen siem is the key you have been searching for all you big data analytics woes.

Key Talking Points:

  • Evolution of traditional SIEMs.
  • How exisiting data lakes have been designed.
  • Problems and benefits of proposed data lake design.

How You'll Benefit:

  • Ideas to implement your own data lake setups.
  • Strategies to keep in mind when designing data lake for security needs.
  • Solve the problem of data provisioning and governance for your organization.
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Security Data Lake - The Next Step In SIEM Evolution