Five Most Effective Security Automation Playbooks
If you’ve been a security engineer for more than a few years, no doubt you’ve heard about "Security Automation Playbooks". If you haven't? or don't know some of the cool detection techniques you can include in a playbook, this ebook talks about just that. It builds through the concepts of automation to ease your threat hunting efforts.

Key Talking Points:

  • Identify key indicators and areas of exposure, for some critical next-gen threats.
  • How global threat intelligence feeds can be a force multiplier during investigation.
  • Automate your detection and validation procedures to see beyond seemingly minor unrelated attack attempts.

How You'll Benefit:

  • Leverage global threat intelligence for effective triage.
  • Automate your security event investigation procedures.
  • Exercise effective security controls by observing IOCs in your environment, rather than searching through massive list of alerts.
  • Bring down your response time from hours to seconds.
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5 Most Effective Security Automation Playbooks | Free Download