DNIF is an "Open" Big Data Analytics Platform that can ingest, parse, enrich large volumes of data each day and bounce back with actions using complex rules, profilers and machine learning models. Get started with easy 3 step deployments — on-prem, on cloud or just go virtual.

Big Data Analytics Across the Organization

DNIF allows you to partition one data infrastructure and enable multiple teams to solve many challenges. Here are some typical use cases:

— Log management, cyber threat hunting and SIEM
— Machine data analytics for IOT
— Application log monitoring and forensics
— Operations, fraud and risk analytics
— Real-time transaction analytics

DNIF makes it easy to have multiple users working and solving different problems using the same data layer.


The Platform / Make it easy for yourself


Align your data with labels using real-time lookup from standard and custom data libraries


Query, analyze, visualize and hunt your targets by actively diving into the recorded past


Build your models, learn from your data and identify anomalies using machine learning


Connect your environment and make them work together, in effect save operational time

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March 06, 2018

Release Note — v7.2.0

Software release notes for DNIF version v7.2.0. This release fixes bugs and delivers an interesting array of enhancements for the web console.

February 01, 2018

Nullcon Goa 2018

DNIF being showcased at Nullcon Goa 2018, hop over to booth 7 and hang out with friends from the data analytics industry.

January 16, 2018

RSA San Francisco 2018

DNIF being showcased at RSA San Francisco 2018, hop over to booth at South Expo 2617 and hang out with friends from the data analytics...


CISO, Idea Cellular

“DNIF brings a different approach to Big Data analytics. Its Dynamic Search capability allows us to free form our approach rather than being limited by structure. Query directives bring out a refreshing way of solving problems”



“We liked the way DNIF goes beyond traditional tools and validates threats before bringing them to the table. The integration framework is unique and very useful in a large enterprise setup like ours”


Head IT Sec, IndusInd Bank

“DNIF brings out the real essence of big data to security analytics, this platform can ensure branch offices process their data on prem while having a central hunting / monitoring team respond and resolve threats across the enterprise"

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